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News & Information

Following the Public Meeting held in Loxwood on 9th December if you wish to view the  Proposals for the Chichester Local Plan Review 2035 please visit


Comments maybe submitted on line or else by post to

Chichester Local Plan Review Comments

Chichester District Council

East Pallant House


West Sussex

PO19 1TY

A copy of the letter to be submitted by Loxwood Parish Council concerning the proposals for Loxwood in the revision of the Local Plan will be available on the new Parish Council website in January 2019.

Please email or telephone the clerk for a copy of the presentation made on 9th December 2018.


and after January 2019 clerk@loxwood-pc.gov.uk

Loxwood Parish Council

A Public Meeting will be held at North Hall

on Sunday 9th December at 2 pm to present Chichester District Councils proposal for

 125 new houses in Loxwood

 Please attend as the implications for Loxwood will be

reviewed together with the implications for the Neighbourhood Plan

       Smart Meters

      Perhaps you have already been made aware, but by 2020, the UK Government plans to have all homes a        and businesses installed with smart meters through their national rollout that is currently in progress. That        said, research shows that a large portion of the population are still not aware of this.

As such, in conjunction with the smart meter authorities nationwide, we are working to ensure that all local councils have all the up to date information available for their citizens, giving the nation a smoother transition and more informed idea of their options. Please see links to two guides: one to domestic, and one for non-domestic smart meters,

Non-domestic - https://www.smartenergygb.org/en/how-to-get-a-smart-meter/who-can-get-a-smart-         meter/small-business

Domestic - https://selectra.co.uk/guides/smart-meters

Blue Green Algae in Loxwood Canal

      The Environment Agency have received a report of possible blue-green algae relating to the Loxwood Canal. A dog walker reported that          his dog had had a reaction from the water at the end of last week while using the section to the west of the Loxwood Lock. The EA are          going to visit the site this week 28th March to investigate the matter but in the meantime the EA suggest that a notice is placed near the site          to alert the public.I attach some information from the gov.uk website relating to this issue for information:

         https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/algal-blooms-advice-for-the-public-and-landowners/algal-blooms-advice-for-the-public-and-l              andowners


      JUNIOR CRICKET COACHING Loxwood Sports Association. New for 2018


     The Parish Council is looking for volunteers for its speed watch campaign. Training and tabards supplied        please contact the Parish Clerk if you are interested. March 2018       


Report fraud and scams

If you have been a victim of a scam or fraud

Please remember that you have not been targeted personally. Scam letters, emails, telephone calls

and faxes are sent out in their thousands daily to individuals and companies worldwide.

If you have been a victim of fraud, please report it online or by phone to Action Fraud.

Action Fraud is the UK's national fraud reporting centre and the place for you to report fraud and scams,

       or to get advice if you're not sure what to do.

How to contact Action Fraud:

Online: complete the online reporting form at Action Fraud online

By phone: call 0300 123 2040

You'll be given a crime reference number and your case will be referred on to the police force that

investigates fraud.

Action Fraud is available 24 hours a day.

Why contact Action Fraud?

Sometimes people choose not to report fraud because they are embarrassed that they fell for a scam.

Remember that fraud is a crime and that fraudsters will constantly reinvent themselves to find new ways

 of tricking people. Anyone could be a victim.

Some people also think that fraud is a victimless crime, or that it's not as serious as other crimes. This is

not true. Fraudsters are often part of serious organised criminal gangs, who use the money to fund other

crimes such as human trafficking, illegal firearms trade and terrorism.

Fraudsters rely on silence. We can beat fraud if we talk.

Top 5 tips to prevent fraud

1. Do not give any personal information (name, address, bank details, email or phone number) to organisations

 or people before verifying their credentials.

2. Many frauds start with an email. Remember that banks and financial institutions will not send you an email asking          you to   click on a link and confirm your bank details. Always question whether an email could be bogus.

3. Destroy and preferably shred receipts with your card details on and post with your name and address on. Identity         fraudsters don't need much information in order to be able to clone your identity.

4. If you have been a victim of fraud, be aware of fraud recovery fraud. This is when fraudsters pretend to be a lawyer

 or a law enforcement officer and tell you they can help you recover the money you've already lost.

5. To report fraud or if you need advice, visit Action Fraud's website.

Visit Action Fraud's website for more information, including advice and information about fraud.

Voluntary  Action Arun & Chichester

Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester (VAAC) promotes and supports voluntary and community groups in the Arun and Chichester districts.  We can offer advice and support on areas such as:

Setting up a charity/community group

Policies and Procedures



Recruiting and managing volunteers


And much more!

For more information please see www.vaac.org.uk

The Loxwood Neighbourhood Plan

At its meeting on 14 July 2015, Chichester District Council adopted the Loxwood Neighbourhood Plan, copies

of which are available from The Loxwood Parish Council Clerk, John Murray Butchers and to download on the

Parish Council website. www.loxwoodpc.co.uk

Now the Plan has been adopted through ‘Localism’ the document carries statutory weight in the process of

decision making regarding planning applications. The policies set out in the Plan identify what the community

want with regard to the future development of Loxwood over the years to 2029.